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Week 5 - The Beginning of Crossover

Crossover has begun and both chambers of the General Assembly are taking care of business.

This past week was slow, yet moving rapidly with many bills flowing through subcommittees and both chambers tackling many budget items, and swinging into the groove of special session.

Labor legislation is still in play, and we need more labor activists to join us in the fight at the GA to ensure that the good pro-worker pieces of legislation gets passed and sent to Governor Northam to sign into law.

Together, we can ensure that our voice is heard and that positive pro-worker legislation is passed!



The Protect the Right to Organize [PRO] Act - H.R. 842 gained one more of Virginia's Congressional representatives, Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (VA - 7) as a co-sponsor to the bill.

President Biden made it a pillar of his campaign and it keeping his word on ensuring that the PRO Act was brought forth and he waiting for it to hit his desk so that he can sign it.

It's simple, and the facts are clear, the PRO Act is the cornerstone of the AFL-CIO’s Workers First Agenda. If it passes, it would:

  • Empower workers to organize and bargain.

  • Hold corporations accountable for union-busting.

  • Repeal “right to work” laws, which were created during the Jim Crow era to keep White and Black workers from unionizing together.

We know better than anyone that stronger unions mean higher wages, safer working conditions and dignity for all people who work. The PRO Act is our first step to get there. Together, we can beat the anti-worker sentiments and keep workers first in the nation. Working people deserve the right to organize and demand living wages, safe workspaces and good benefits—and it’s up to our members of Congress to protect and strengthen that right.

So far the Virginia's Congressional Representatives who have signed onto the bill and will be voting to pass this legislation are:

  • Congressman Bobby Scott (VA - 3)

  • Congressman Don Beyer (VA - 8)

  • Congressman Gerry Connolly (VA - 11)

  • Congressman Donald McEachin (VA - 4)

  • Congresswoman Elaine Luria (VA - 2)

  • Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (VA - 7)

  • Senator Tim Kaine (VA)

Still, the work isn't done because we have a few legislators that need to hear from you!

  • Congressman Rob Wittman (VA - 1)

  • Congressman Bob Good (VA - 5)

  • Congressman Ben Cline (VA - 6)

  • Congressman Morgan Griffith (VA - 9)

  • Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (VA - 10) *

  • Senator Mark Warner (VA)

*Note: Representative Wexton signed onto the PRO Act and voted for it last year. We look forward to them signing on again this year! Please urge her to do so.

Take some time and head over to our PASS THE PRO ACT Action Campaign send these legislators an email or make a phone call to them!

Access the PRO Act fact sheet HERE.

Access the PRO Act bill text HERE.

Again, together, we can make a difference. Passing the PRO Act in both chambers of Congress and getting President Biden's signature will increase worker power, rebuild our economy fairly and grow America’s labor movement. Lawmakers gave us their word that the PRO Act would be a top priority. Now it is time for action!




Here are a couple other quick links that may be useful to you during session:


During the House's virtual session, constituents must be aware of the new system to make public comments. To make public comment, visit

You can also check out our "How to Testify Guide" for the House of Delegates on our "2021 General Assembly Page" to learn how to sign up, a few tips and tricks, and more.


To make public comment, visit . You can also check out our "How to Testify Guide" for the Senate on our "2021 General Assembly Page" to learn how to sign up, a few tips and tricks, and more.

For any other information pertaining to the General Assembly, just check out: the Virginia General Assembly Website. Too, don't forget to check out the rest of our website for the latest updates, information, and more on all the action going down at the General Assembly!

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