Labor's Legislative Agenda


Virginia AFL-CIO participates politically and legislatively from the yearly election cycles to lobbying legislators on issues most important to workers across the Commonwealth. The General Assembly, located in the Richmond, Virginia  is the place where Virginia's laws are made by our elected officials: the 100 House of Delegates and our 40 state Senators.  


 Although Virginia AFL-CIO attends the General Assembly session every year, after this past November's election results as many pro-labor candidates were elected into office, this year is different. Virginia’s labor movement is now at a crucial place. For the first time in 25 years, we have the chance to really pursue an aggressive pro-worker agenda at the General Assembly. It’s time to take advantage of this opportunity and truly make labor’s presence known during the upcoming General Assembly session. 

Virginia AFL-CIO believes that the General Assembly is the place where we can fight the hardest and make the biggest difference in the lives of all Virginia's working families. 


This website serves as a one-stop-shop for all things labor-related when it comes to the 2020 General Assembly Session. This site includes information on: 

  • Lobbying at the General Assembly - sign-up, dates, daily schedule, parking info & more. 

  • Action Campaigns - write a letter, make a phone call, sign a petition  to send to your legislator to encourage them to vote in favor of pro-labor bills and against harmful anti-worker/anti-union legislation. 

  • Talking Points - download talking points on particular issues and legislation at the General Assembly--use them to write a opinion piece or letter to the editor to your local newspaper, write a letter to your legislator(s), create a script to have your local union call legislators to persuade them on an issue. *To gain access to this page, please e-mail*  

  • News - get updates on weekly activity at the General Assembly, track bills, learn about events, & more.