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New General Assembly Building Open for 2024 Session

Updated: Jan 2

*featured image is sourced from Virginia General Assembly Publications document, titled "GAB Overview" linked here.

Just a few blocks from the old Pocahontas Building, the 2024 Virginia General Assembly session will open in style as the new General Assembly Building project has finally been completed.

As of October 2023, the new General Assembly Building (GAB) has been open to the public​ and is fully operational, meaning it will hold all legislator offices and committee meetings. Many people have already begun touring the new building and are raving out the upgrades, comfort, and beauty of the new building.

Check out the following tour videos to get a sneak peek:

The new building is more spacious and offers several new features including a tunnel from the GAB to the Capitol building, a cafe where you can place mobile to-go orders for coffee, tea and other specialty drinks, a cafeteria that has both dine-in and to-go options, new state of the art AV equipment, large windows that let in natural light all around, lactation rooms, and larger, more comfortable committee meeting rooms and public spaces equipped with charging stations.

This year is an even year which means the General Assembly Session is 60 days. The General Assembly will go into session starting Wednesday, January 10, 2024 with the Democrats controlling both the House and Senate chambers.

Here are some things that you should take note of with the new building:

  • House of Delegates Mobile App

    • Use on your mobile device/cell phone while in the GAB or while virtually lobbying to find meeting rooms, legislator offices and personnel, lactation rooms, restrooms, legislator contact info, view floor by floor maps of the GAB, and find out who's your legislator. 

  • Senate Mobile App

    • Use​ on your mobile device/cell phone while in the GAB or while virtually lobbying to find legislator office numbers, legislator contact info, downloadable lists, seating chart, committees and more.

  • ​​Meriwether's at the General Assembly

  • The new cafeteria and cafe are fully open and functional as well. Both the cafeteria and the cafe can accommodate dine-in, as well as, to-go orders for both food and coffee/tea drinks that can be ordered online and picked up at various stations in the cafeteria.​ Place your online order and find more info here:

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