Virginia general assembly 2022


Register to Lobby with Us

it is imperative we have a strong organized lobbying program.   We are asking local unions to send at least 1 or 2 people for a week or so to the General Assembly. If you are not able to attend in-person to Richmond, we will also have lobbying by zoom. No matter the way you choose to lobby, be sure to register!

To join us, click the button below to fill out the 2022 General Assembly Activist form below.


Lobby Calendar 2022

January 2022




Jan. 17
Jan. 18
Jan. 24
Jan. 25
Jan. 19
Jan. 26


Jan. 20
Jan. 27
Jan. 31
feb. 16
FEB. 14
FEB. 17





FEB. 1
FEB. 7
FEB. 8
FEB. 2
FEB. 9


FEB. 3
FEB. 10
feb. 15
FEB. 21
FEB. 22
FEB. 23
FEB. 24
FEB. 28

 MARCH 2022




MAR. 1
MAR. 2


MAR. 3
MAR. 7
MAR. 8
MAR. 9
MAR. 10

Lobbying: Daily Schedule


7:30 AM

Morning Meeting

We will meet each day in-person, Monday - Thursday, promptly at 7:30am for our morning meeting at the SunTrust building. At 8:00am, we will hold a Zoom Morning Meeting for those lobbying virtually. These morning meetings are critical for going over the day's schedule: committee schedules, the bills we are lobbying on, and assigning lobbying assignments.

8:30 AM - 11:00 AM

11:30 AM

Lobby Time

Lobby our State Senators and Delegates at the Pocahontas Building.

Lunch Meeting

Lunch meeting (3rd Floor cafeteria of SunTrust Building)
We meet at lunch to debrief after the lobbying meetings and discuss the afternoon.

12:00 PM - Noon


Both the Senate and House go into session. Typically, we watch session from one of the committee rooms. This is also an opportunity for activists to watch session from the Capitol galleries.

~ 2:00 PM

Committee Meetings

After Adjournment (This time depends on the bills being considered on the floor. Usually 2pm)
Attend committee meetings to testify and/or observe bill presentations. This is also a good time to meet with legislators if they are not on a committee that is meeting.

Parking Information


Union lobbyists should anticipate making time in the morning to find paid parking. There are several public lots near the Pocahontas Building/Capitol ranging from $5 to $20/day. 

A great option is the parking lot located at 6th & Grace - denoted with a yellow arrow on the map. Click to enlarge the map.

Public Parking Map - Lobby Format.jpg


Who Can Lobby?

Each affiliated local is encouraged to send veteran activists along with members who have never visited the General Assembly before. One of the benefits of the setup of our activist lobby corp is that we can pair newer union lobbyists with more experienced ones.

What are the costs associated with participating in the lobby corp.?

The costs will be any lost wages and travel-related expenses including accommodations (if needed), parking and meals.

If someone is staying overnight, what hotels do you recommend?

All of these hotels are located downtown near the Pocahontas Building/Capitol. Please make arrangements directly:

  • Richmond Marriott, 500 E. Broad Street, Richmond VA 23219

Phone:  804-643-3400

  • Hilton Garden Inn Downtown, 501 E. Broad Street, Richmond VA 23219

Phone: 804-344-4300

  • Omni Richmond Downtown, 100 S. 12th Street, Richmond VA 23219

Phone: 804-344-7000

What should a participant bring to lobby and wear?

They should bring a notebook with paper/pen as well as business cards if they have them. Most people lobbying wear business attire. Avoid denim. It is also encouraged to wear union paraphernalia (i.e. lapel pins, lanyards, etc.) for identification purposes.

How many people should a local send?

We ask locals to send two people for a week or so during session.

How do we sign up?

Email Julie Hunter ( the names and dates that activists will be available OR sign up online here or use the button at the top of the page under "register to lobby with us".

What can participants hope to get out of lobbying?

Our goal is to protect gains made the last two sessions and continue pursuing pro-labor legislation and our members advocating at the General Assembly throughout session is crucial to that. Participants will walk away with experience lobbying on behalf of labor and representing their local union in their advocacy to elected officials. Finally, we hope to build solidarity among affiliates by lobbying as a unified labor movement and facilitating connections between union activists from different affiliates.

What else can I do if I can't make it to lobby in-person in  Richmond or join virtually?

Our goal is to have as many union members attend session to lobby; however, we understand that there may be restraints on being able to attend. So, for those who can't, visit our "Actions Campaigns" page here on the website so that you can take action from work, home, or anywhere else. You can write letters, make phone calls, and more.