2021 General Assembly


This year's General Assembly Session is a bit different from the rest. Here are some things that you should take note of: 

  • Virtual Session 

    • The GA this year will not be held in person; instead, it will be virtual in order to comply with state safety mandates and to ensure the health and safety of the legislators, General Assembly staff, lobbyists, and activists in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.​ 

    • Although typical for odd years' GA session to be held for 45 days, with an option to extend annual sessions for a maximum of 30 days; this year, the session may be shortened and/or will likely be extended to include more meetings scheduled for weekend days.

  • Testifying On A Bill 

    • Just as the session and all of its committee meetings and voting are virtual, giving public testimony on legislation is virtual and has a sign-up process that must be completed in advance to be able to speak to an issue. ​​

Check out our "How to Testify" guides to learn about the sign-up processes for both the House of Delegates and the Senate, as their processes are different. Feel free to download, print, and share the guides! 

Click the PDFs below to enlarge. Use the printer icon in the upper right hand corner to print. Use the paper with an arrow icon next to the printer icon (in the upper right hand corner) to download and save to your computer.

House of Delegates' How to Testify Guide

Senate's How to Testify Guide


The General Assembly Basics

Not sure about the ins-and-outs of the General Assembly? Don't worry, watch the "All You Need to Know About the 2021 General Assembly" webinar by ProgressVA below to understand how our state legislature works.  

 2021 General Assembly Committee Assignments



Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources 

  Wednesday; 1PM

  • Chair: Plum, K.

  • Vice Chair: Gooditis, W.

Other Members: Tyler, Bulova, Lopez, Tran, Helmer, Cole (of Fredericksburg), Hudson, Simonds, Willett, Guy, Williams-Graves, Ware, Marshall, Gilbert, Poindexter, Edmunds, Wilt, Webert

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here


  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; 1PM

  • Chair: Torian, L.

  • Vice Chair: Sickles, M.

Other Members: Plum, Tyler, Bulova, McQuinn, Carr, Krizek, Aird, Hayes, Hurst, Jones, Reid, Cox, Knight, Morefield, Fariss, Rush, Davis, Austin, Bloxom, Brewer

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Communications, Technology, and Innovation 

  Monday; 9AM

  • Chair: Hayes, C.E.

  • Vice Chair: Ayala, H.

Other Members: Plum, Ward, Krizek, Convirs-Fowler, Roem, Samirah, Helmer, Subramanyam, Askew, Hudson, Jenkins, Byron, Webert, Hodges, Campbell, LaRock, Freitas, Brewer, Runion, Wiley

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Counties, Cities, and Towns 

  Friday; 9AM

  • Chair: Kory, K.

  • Vice Chair: Heretick, S.

Other Members: Jones, Gooditis, Carter, Roem, Samirah, Subramanyam, Mugler, Askew, Guy, Jenkins, Williams Graves, Poindexter, Morefield, Hodges, Leftwich, Campbell, LaRock, McNamara, Coyner, Wyatt

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Courts of Justice 

  Wednesday & Friday; 1PM

  • Chair: Herring, C.

  • Vice Chair: Watts, V.

Other Members: Hope, Keam, Simon, Sullivan, Levine, Heretick, Mullin, Bourne, Delaney, Guy, Scott, Kilgore, Bell, Edmunds, Ransone, Leftwich, Adams, Campbell, Miyares, Coyner

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here


  Monday & Wednesday; 9AM

  • Chair: Tyler, R.

  • Vice Chair: Guzman, E .

Other Members: Bulova, McQuinn, Keam, Rasoul, Bagby, Bourne, VanValkenburg, Subramanyam, Cole (of Fredericksburg), Mugler, Simonds, Cole, M., Marshall, Robinson, Davis, McGuire, Avoli, Batten, Wampler, Wiley

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here


  Monday - 1PM & Wednesday - 9AM

  • Chair: Watts, V. 

  • Vice Chair: Keam, M. 

Other Members: Kory, Sullivan, Murphy, Heretick, Ayala, Carter, Mugler, Hudson, Willett, Scott, Mundon King, Orrock, Byron, Ware, Wright, Gilbert, Poindexter, Fowler, McNamara, Campbell

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

General Laws 

  Tuesday & Thursday; 1PM

  • Chair: Bulova, D.

  • Vice Chair: Carr, B.

Other Members: Torian, Simon, Murphy, Price, Krizek, Aird, Hurst, Adams, VanValkenburg, Tran, Convirs-Fowler, Wright, Cole, M., Knight, Morefield, Leftwich, Fowler, Miyares, Brewer, Wampler

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Health, Welfare and Institutions 

  Tuesday & Thursday; 9AM

  • Chair: Sickles, M.

  • Vice Chair: Rasoul, S.

Other Members: Hope, Price, Levine, Aird, Hayes, Adams, Guzman, Delaney, Tran, Samirah, Willett, Orrock, Bell, Edmunds, Robinson, Hodges, Head, Fowler, Walker, Avoli

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Labor and Commerce 

  Tuesday & Thursday; 1PM

  • Chair: Ward, J. 

  • Vice Chair: Sullivan, R. 

Other Members: Kory, Keam, Lopez, Bagby, Heretick, Mullin, Bourne, Guzman, Ayala, Gooditis, Scott, Kilgore, Byron, Ware, Marshall, Wilt, Webert, Ransone, O'Quinn, Head

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Privileges and Elections 

  Wednesday; 9AM

  • Chair: Simon, M. 

  • Vice Chair: Price, M. 

Other Members: Sickles, Rasoul, Krizek, Levine, Adams, ValValkenburg, Convirs-Fowler, Reid, Askew, Simonds, Mundon King, Orrock, O'Quinn, Head, Rush, Adams, Bloxom, McGuire, Walker, Runion

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Public Safety 

  Friday; 9AM

  • Chair: Hope, P. 

  • Vice Chair: Bourne, J. 

Other Members: Plum, Kory, Lopez, Rasoul, Price, Levine, Helmer, Cole (of Fredericksburg), Jenkins, Williams Grave, Mundon King, Wright, Robinson, Wilt, Fariss, Rush, Davis, Campbell, Coyner, Batten

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here


  On Call of The Chair

  • Chair: Filler Corn, E. 

  • Vice Chair: Mullin, M 

Other Members: Watts, Ward, Sickles, McQuinn, Herring, Carr, Torian, Lopez, Simon, Sullivan, Bagby, Cox, Kilgore, Knight, Austin

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here


  Tuesday & Thursday - 9AM

  • Chair: McQuinn, D. 

  • Vice Chair: Murphy, K. 

Other Members: Watts, Ward, Carr, Bagby, Hurst, Jones, Delaney, Carter, Reid, Roem, Helmer, Ware, Bell, Austin, Adams, L., Freitas, Miyares, Walker, Avoli, Wyatt

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here



Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources 

  Tuesday; 30 Min After Adjournment

  • Chair: Petersen

Other Members: Hanger, Ruff, Obenshain, Stuart, Marsden, Stanley, Lewis, Suetterlein, Mason, McClellan, Favola, Morrissey, Pillion, Hashmi

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Commerce and Labor 

  Monday; 15 Minutes After Adjournment

  • Chair: Saslaw

Other Members: Norment, Newman, Obenshain, Lucas, Spruill, Edwards, Deeds, Barker, Marsden, Ebbin, Lewis, Surovell, Mason, Bell

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Education and Health 

  Thursday; 8AM

  • Chair: Lucas 

Other Members: Saslaw, Howell, Newman, Locke, Barker, Petersen, Cosgrove, Lewis, Dunnavant, Suetterlein, Peake, Edwards, Hashmi, VACANCY**

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Finance and Appropriations 

 Thursday; 4:30PM & On Call of The Chair

  • Chair: Howell

Other Members: Saslaw, Norment, Hanger, Lucas, Newman, Ruff, Vogel, Barker, Edwards, Deeds, Locke, Petersen, Marsden, Ebbin, McClellan

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

General Laws and Technology 

 Wednesday; 30 Minutes After Adjournment

  • Chair: Barker 

Other Members: Ruff, Locke, Vogel, Ebbin, Reevs, McPike, Dunnavant, Mason, Boysko, Stuart, Pillion, Bell, Hashmi, Kiggans

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here


  Monday; 8AM

  • Chair: Edwards

Other Members: Saslaw, Norment, Lucas, Obenshain, McDouble, Stuart, Stanley, Deeds, Petersen, Surovell, McClellan, Boysko, Morrissey, VACANCY**

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Local Government 

Monday; 9AM

  • Chair: Lewis 

Other Members: Hangar, Stanley, Favola, DeSteph, Dunnavant, Chase, McPike, Howell, Spruill, Morrissey, Pillion, Bell, Hashmi, Kiggans

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Privileges and Elections 

 Tuesday; 15 Minutes After Adjournment

  • Chair: Locke 

Other Members: Deeds, Howell, Vogel, Reeves, Ebbin, Ruff, Spruill, Peake, McDougle, Surovell, Mason, McClellan, Boysko, Bell, VACANCY**

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

Rehabilitation and Social Services 

  Friday; 8:30AM

  • Chair: Favola 

Other Members: Hanger, Locke, McDougle, Reeves, Cosgrove, Surovell, DeSteph, McPike, Spruill, Mason, Boysko, Morrissey, Kiggans, VACANCY**

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here


  On Call of The Chair

  • Chair: Locke 

Other Members: Lucas, Marsden, Favola, McDougle, Saslaw, Edwards, Petersen, Lewis, Vogel, Howell, Deeds, Barker, Norment, McPike

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here


  Thursday; 15 Minutes After Adjournment

  • Chair: Locke 

Other Members: Marsden, Newman, Favola, Cosgrove, Desteph, Suetterlein, McClellan, Peake, Boysko, Obenshain, Ebbin, Surovell, McPike, Spruill, Pillion

More Committee & Sub-Committee Info Here

 Who's My Legislator?


Interested to know who your elected officials are who represent you at the General Assembly? 


Click the button below to find out.

Thousands of bills are heard during a General Assembly session, so tracking a particular bill that is important to you can be helpful and save you time. Tracking a bill allows you to know what the language of the bill is/how something is being changed or implemented, who sponsored/patroned the bill, who has signed on as a co-sponsor to the bill, when and where a bill is being read/heard, and how legislators have voted on the issue. 

If you know the House Bill (HB) or Senate Bill (SB) number, the patron of the bill, or even a keyword in the bill, you can certainly find it easily. 


Click the button below to view all of the bills this session and search for the bill(s) that interests you.


Track a Bill


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