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Download the talking points & text of our lobby day bills below. 

Talking Points
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Protecting Workers & Promoting Unions

HB 938- Delegate LeVere Bolling
SB 542- Senator Bagby

Lockouts are unilateral decisions made by an employer and imposed involuntarily on employees during a labor dispute. In this regard, Lockouts are no different than a furlough or layoff except that employees are prohibited from receiving unemployment insurance benefits under the Code of Virginia because they are considered engaged in a Labor Dispute. House Bill 938 and Senate Bill 542 eliminates an “Employer Lockout” as a Labor Dispute criterion that would cause employees to be denied unemployment compensation benefits.

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Collective Bargaining Rights

HB 1001 - Delegate Tran
SB 374 - Senator Boysko

All Virginia workers should have the right to join a union and the right to collective bargaining, so they have a voice at work. But right now, only a fraction of Virginia’s public service workers like teachers, firefighters, and nurses have the right to negotiate for fair wages and safe working conditions. House Bill 1001 and Senate Bill 374 expand collective bargaining rights to state workers and public workers in all localities as well as sets up a framework for a smooth bargaining process.


$15 Minimum Wage & Remove Farmworker Exemption

HB 1 - Delegate Ward
SB 1 - Senator Lucas

No one who works full time should have to live in poverty. Most Virginia workers who have benefited and would benefit from further raising the minimum wage work full-time and are important contributors to their family’s overall income. A consumer-based economy simply doesn’t work if people have no disposable income. House Bill and Senate Bill 1 re-enacts Virginia’s minimum wage to meet the $15 per hour minimum and House Bill 157 (McClure) removes the farmworker exemption from the state minimum wage, a clear legacy from slavery.

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Responsible Contracting & Quality Apprenticeships

HB 1273 - Delegate Krizek
SB 647 - Senator Carroll Foy

Responsible contracting apprenticeship policies create a more level playing field for the most conscientious contractors. This means better quality training, careers, and projects for the taxpayers in Virginia. HB 1273 and SB 647 requires public bodies to include responsible bidder criteria in their Invitations to Bid including a track record of compliance and safety as well as utilization of registered apprenticeships including a minimum percentage of construction hours done by individuals enrolled in approved apprenticeship programs.


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