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Signed, sealed, delivered: 2 great vote-from-home bills pass General Assembly

(Richmond, VA) Today, the Senate followed the House in passing two vote-from-home bills which improve Virginia's voting system.

"These measures allow everyone the opportunity to vote and, at the same time, helps the USPS and strengthens the security of postal jobs. We believe it will increase the accessibility and ease of voting from home. It should be as simple as: vote early and you are done." - Thelma Hunt, NALC VA State Council President

Our brothers and sisters with APWU and NALC advocated for these good democracy bills which increase access to voting as well as voter turnout and we were proud to also support these bills. House Bill 207 (VanValkenburg) creates a permanent, no-excuse absentee voter list that allows any voter to vote by absentee ballot in any election in which the voter is qualified to participate in. They would automatically receive an absentee ballot until they request to be taken off the list. Voting no-excuse absentee provides freedom for voters to vote when, how, and where is best for their lives and their schedules. House Bill 220 (Krizek) provides for prepaid postage on return envelopes for absentee voting. The legislation makes it easier for all voices to be heard by removing barriers and inconvenience in the process. How Your Delegate Voted HB 207 (Passed 53-46) HB 220 (Passed 60-38) How Your Senator Voted HB 207 (Passed 21-19) HB 220 (Passed 25-15)

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