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Repealing Right to Work - Step 1

Richmond, VA -- A long day of session brought many ups and downs this Tuesday, as many people were on edge for the House Labor and Commerce Committee meetings.

During the full committee, committee attendees had a huge win as minimum wage bill HB395 sponsored by Delegate Jeion Ward was reported out and referred to the House Committee on Appropriations with a 12-9 vote.

Subcommittee #1 was the target as repeal right-to-work HB153 sponsored by Delegate Lee Carter was scheduled on the docket. Many people gathered both in and outside of the committee room with stickers in support of the repeal on their lapels awaiting the moment that delegates on the subcommittee would vote on the bill.

Delegate Carter took to the podium and gave an eloquent opening presentation articulating the discriminatory and divisive terms on which the right to work law came into fruition in Virginia. A long line of supporters followed him and gave moving and hard-hitting testimony on why they support the repeal of right to work. The line of supporters was full of diversity in race, gender, socio-economic status, and age. Then the opposition lined the room as well...with less numbers than the supporters, but also much less diversity in race, gender, socio-economic status, and age; which was a direct representation of Virginia’s history and the perpetuation of racism Right to Work provides.

Nonetheless, the vote was taken, and HB153 was reported out to the full House Labor and Commerce Committee with a referral to House Committee on Appropriations on a 5 - 3 vote.

Watch the hearing on repeal of right to work below.

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