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NCPSO Breaks Free On Presumption

Richmond, VA -- Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor had a full docket of House bills to vote on today; included on that list was House Bill 169. HB 169 focuses on workers' compensation and occupational disease presumption, adding correctional officers to be covered by the law.

The fight to give Correctional Officers this coverage since 2010, and today HB 169 , passed the Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor with flying colors on a 15-0 vote; referring it directly to the Senate floor!

Directly after the bill passed, NCPSO representative Don Baylor said, "it's been a long time coming."

CWA/NCPSO Local 2201 representatives Kirk Jones and Richard Hatch were also in attendance to watch this historic moment. Although a historic win, there is still a fight left to be had as the House Bill must be taken up on the floor for a vote, which will likely happen tomorrow, February 18, 2020, and the Senate Bill 345 is also anticipated to be heard tomorrow in the House Committee on Commerce and Labor.

Keep updated by checking the committee dockets daily (Senate & House) and tuning into the committee livestreams on the Virginia General Assembly website!

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Bridget Batts
Bridget Batts
Feb 19, 2020


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