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Richmond, VA – We are now over 30 days into session, which means we are at the midway point where all the bills passed in the House of Delegates go over to the Senate for consideration and vice versa. This is what is referred to as: Crossover.

So, what has happened so far? Well, this session has been a whirlwind. Of the 3,266 bills introduced, 1,850 passed at least one chamber. It’s been night and day compared to previous GAs and one thing is crystal clear: ELECTIONS MATTER! Here’s just a small sample of pro-worker and voter rights bills that successfully passed one chamber and now need to pass the other before going to the Governor’s desk:

Collective Bargaining:

  • Collective Bargaining for Public Employees (HB 582 & SB 939)

Minimum Wage:

Railroad Safety:

  • Two Man Crew- Railroad Safety Bill (HB 440)

Prevailing Wage:

Student Loans:

Equal Rights Amendment:

  • Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (HJ 1 & SJ 1)

Prevailing Wage, Project Labor Agreements, and Misclassification

  • Repeal of PLA Prohibition/Comstock Law (HB 358 & SB 182)

  • Low wage worker protections against non-compete covenants (HB 330 & SB 480)

  • Legislation to combat wage theft & fraud (HB 123 & SB 838)

  • Legislation to combat worker misclassification, creates cause of action (HB 984 & SB 894)

Workers' Compensation:

  • Workers' Compensation Presumption for Correctional Officers (HB 169 & SB 345)

  • Workers' Compensation Presumption Bills for Fire Fighters (HB 783 & SB 9/ HB 438 & SB 561)

  • Workers' Compensation, Employer Requirement to Notify Worker of Intent (HB 46)

Drivers License Legislation:


Voting Rights:

There’s a lot still at stake for workers, and we need you. If you haven’t signed up to lobby with us, click here.

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