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Collecting Votes on Collective Bargaining

Richmond, VA -- Tuesday night made for a long committee night during the House Committee on Labor and Commerce meeting as there were well-over 30 pieces of legislation to be heard and voted on. One key piece of legislation on the docket was House Bill (HB) 582 by Delegate Elizabeth Guzman. With over 40 delegates signed onto the bill, "Stronger Communities. Better Bargains," the coalition of labor unions working with the Delegate on the bill, showed up in full force to ensure that the bill would pass through committee.

Compelling testimony in support of the bill was given from representatives of the Virginia Professional Fire Fighters (VPFF) and Communications Workers of America - National Corrections and Public Safety Officers (CWA-NCPSO); along with a host of other labor organizations and labor allies. Although the bill was met with a long line of opposition, their arguments did not hold up to those of workers. HB 582 was passed out of committee and reported to appropriations with a vote score of 12 - 9.

Watch the House Committee on Labor and Commerce reading of HB582 below. [story continues below]

Enthusiasm for workers' rights continued to be displayed as on the following day, Wednesday, January 29, 2020, the collective bargaining legislation was the first bill on the House Appropriations Committee. The committee voted 10 - 7, reporting the legislation out of committee and to it's first reading on the House floor.

Watch the House Committee on Appropriations video below.

Read the "Strong Communities. Better Bargain." press release here.

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