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2022: Week 6

In the midst of crossover, we have a lot happening with bills we need to defeat, and we could go on and on about that, but this week, it is important to talk about the budget and give an update on that. In the meantime, for some fun labor lobbying relief, check out some special lobbying guests below!

A word on the budget:

This past week, the House of Delegates and Virginia Senate each approved its own version of the Commonwealth's next biennial operating budget. On Sunday, the House Appropriations Committee reported its amended budget unanimously. After lengthy debate, the budget was passed by the full House on Thursday evening by a vote of 74-25. The Senate budget also reported unanimously on Sunday and passed 31-9 on Thursday.

Over the next week, each chamber will review the distinct budget proposal approved by the other body. Generally, both the House and Senate vote to conform the other's budget to their own and then to reject the other's attempt to do so. This technical procedure has the effect of sending the budget into a "committee of conference," wherein Democratic and Republican representatives from the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee will hash out their differences.

The final version of the budget – ideally, one that the majority of both chambers of the General Assembly can agree to – should be reported and voted on before the 2022 Session ends on March 12th.

You can view every version of the state budget, as well as every budget amendment that has been submitted, at

Now, we have a lot more work to do as hundreds of bills are still on the table that will effect workers, and though we have amazing activists with us everyday, we need your help! The more, the merrier...that's what they say, and that's what we believe! Sign up to virtually lobby with us this session -- the more labor activists we have, the better!

Featuring special guest lobbyist with UFCW's Kayla Mock -- we love a fur friend joining us on the lobbying journey!

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