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2022 Session - Week 2

Updated: May 9, 2023

The second full week of session and things are relatively the same when it comes to the House. Things are slow moving at a snail's pace both on the floor and in the committees; meanwhile, in the Senate, legislation is moving from committee to the floor rather quickly as there wasn't one docket not full on their side of the chamber this week.

With that being said, it was a powerful week for labor, check out this week's highlights below

This Week's Legislation Highlights

Defeated Bad Bills:

  • Attacks on Voting Rights (SB 133/ 234/ 235/ 236/ 552)

  • Attacks on Domestic Workers' Rights (SB 179)

Good Bills That Advanced & Reported Out of Committee:

  • SB 416 Buy Virginian/ Buy American PPE

Good Bills that Passed Out of One Chamber:

  • SB 494 Anti-Workplace Harassment

There's still so many more days to session, and to strengthen our efforts, we need your help! Sign up to virtually lobby with us this session -- the more labor activists we have, the better!

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